Our Process


Great Lakes Electronics process means de-manufacturing.

We take old computers, servers, mainframes, cable boxes, TVs and other electronics, and turn them into piles of recyclable bits and pieces. Components of value are allocated for reuse or recovery of raw materials. Remaining scraps are then properly recycled by permitted associate facilities. We use a 15-foot-tall shredder that chews electronics into chunks as small as the change in your pocket.

Nathan Zack, President of Great Lakes Electronics started this company with an intention to dispose of old electronics in an environmentally responsible way. We have a ZERO LANDFILL policy. We recycle all types of electronic equipment containing circuit boards, cathode ray tubes, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. No minimum shipments.

Shredded electronics components go to a separator that picks apart the iron, aluminum and plastics, and ships them to companies that recycle those specific materials.

We record the serial numbers and other information for every computer destroyed, using a proprietary bar scanning system.

Our process keeps lead, cadmium, lithium and other electronics toxins out of landfills. Even old wood is sent to a chopper and turned into mulch.

Great Lakes Electronics has been recognized in the media for their environmental efforts.