Asset Management

Reclaim Value! Recover Profit!
partsGreat Lakes Electronics can help you extract value from your company’s old and unused computers. By utilizing our Asset Management service you can offset the costs of retiring old office electronics. We will help you identify the value of your retired electronics.

With technology rapidly changing, you need to consider a safe way to dispose of old computers and properly recycle outdated systems. We are a leader in computer asset management. We offer a one stop solution providing you piece of mind for your electronic waste recycling needs. When businesses need to protect their data and recycle computers in accordance with today’s regulatory standards, they trust Great Lakes Electronics Corporation.

Our computer asset management services provide the full, single-source, complete solutions for just about any companies, government entities, schools and organizations need.

Hard drives that may contain sensitive data will be shredded. Other components of your old electronics will be reclaimed for sale or will responsibly recycled. Call us today!